Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

About Us

The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) is the oldest independent membership-led professional body for global clinical researchers.  

For nearly 40 years, The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) has provided high quality training, networking and support to the clinical research community.  For many Members the Institute has been part of their life throughout their working careers , many have been with the Institute since its first incarnation as the ACRPI.

It is the membership that makes the Institute

How does it all work ?

The Institute of Clinical Research is you the Membership governed by the Articles of Memorandum drawn up by the founding members .

The Board is made up of members who give their time freely to guide the future direction of the ICR .

The ICR Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Institute , its primary focus is the ensure that the wishes of the Board and Membership are carried out and to see to the day to day tasks that any membership organisation generates .

Current News

Changes to freelance tax status

By ICR Secretariat / 04/04/2017 12:56 PM

In the Autumn Statement 2016, the chancellor confirmed that, in the public sector only, IR35 status will be determined by the client, not the contract…

FDA reveals recommendations for generics and biosimilars

By ICR Secretariat / 15/03/2017 01:19 PM

The FDA officially unveiled its recommendations for the second generation of user fee agreements covering generics and biosimilars, with commitments t…

Mixed response to new UK budget

By ICR Secretariat / 15/03/2017 01:12 PM

The spring budget from Philip Hammond has been described as ' a step in completely the wrong direction' by Dr Chris Moulton, but it came with promises…

HRA to speak on "Trials for the Future"

By ICR Secretariat / 13/03/2017 07:46 PM

ICR are pleased to announce that HRA will be presenting at our Forum to Celebrate International Clinical Trials Day - 17th May.


For more information…

EMA Outlines GCP Inspection Plan

By ICR Secretariat / 07/03/2017 01:42 PM

The EMA has outlined their guidance for GCP inspections for the coming 2017 year. They include working with the FDA, defining a well sampled scope for…

EMA reviews Actelion PAH drug after patient deaths

By ICR Secretariat / 21/02/2017 01:33 PM

The European Medicines Agency has launched a safety review of Actelion Pharma's pulmonary arterial hypertension medicine Uptravi (selexipag) to invest…

HRA publishes new proportionate consent guidence

By ICR Secretariat / 21/02/2017 12:13 PM

“Our guidance encourages researchers to take a proportionate approach to seeking consent, so that they can avoid presenting detailed and lengthy infor…

5 Things to Watch on the Drug Approval process

By ICR Secretariat / 21/02/2017 12:05 PM

Dr. Robert Califf, who stepped down last month, shares his thoughts about keeping Americans safe — and making sure drugs actually work — after about a…


Our Mission

The ICR exists to support our members through all stages of their careers. We do this, in part, by:

  • Defining and refining standards for our profession
  • Providing a forum for discussion of key issues impacting clinical research
  • Promoting good relations with other healthcare related groups 
  • Providing opportunities for learning and development to enhance professional competence 
  • Enhancing public confidence and understanding of clinical research 

Events and Courses

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Data Management for Clinical Researchers

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Stats for Non-Statisticians

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Impact of the EU Regulation (536/2014) 45

The 2001 Clinical Trials Directive (2001/20/EC) has been criticised by patients, researchers and industry alike for its disproportionate regulatory re...

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