• By ICR Secretariat
  • Posted Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Merck pauses cancer studies due to patient deaths


Mercks has paused enrollment in two studies for their immunotherapy drug, Keytruda after an external Data Monitoring Committee reccomendation. The Committee has recommended the move to gain more information to 'better understand more reports of death' in the non-placebo groups. 

Keytruda was first approved in 2014 for the treatment of melanoma, and Merck were looking to expand its label to cover myeloma as well with two phase III studies in both patients who have already undergone treatment and the newly diagnosed. The PD1 inhibitor has already been approved for a number of other indications across lung cancer, head and neck cancer, classical Hodgkin Lymphoma, urothelial carcinoma and Microsatellite Instability High cancer.