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  • Posted Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Statistics in Clinical Research

Everyone is different, so the saying goes. This is what makes life interesting but also unpredictable. In the world of clinical research, our main goal is to show that one treatment is equal to or better than another. How is it possible to show this when each patients reaction to a treatment differs? even if the same patient is given the same treatment at different times or under different circumstances, the effect is unlikely to be the exact same. Using statistics in clinical research, it is possible to make reasonable prediction about the real effect of a treatment even if individual responses vary.

But statistics is not just a way to analyse and report the data in clinical research. In order to get the best data from clinical trials, sound statistical principles should be applied to the entire clinical research lifecycle including protocol design, endpoint selection, treatment allocation and patient recruitment. The basic statistical concepts and their application for critical stages of clinical research will be covered in this monograph.



"Statistics has its own distinctive concepts and vocabulary and anybody who works in clinical trials will need to be familiar with these. This monograph provides a clear explanation of these and should suit all readers, even those with no specific training in statistics." - Dr P.H. Rowe BSc MSc PhD (Reader in pharmaceutical computing) LJMU

"Clinical trial design and analysis relies upon statistical principles. In this monograph some important statistical principles are described and their relevance to clinical trials. Statistics in clinical research is about overcoming bias and in reading this user-friendly monograph I overcame my bias and actually understood the basic principles under laying the trials we conduct!" - Sue Fitzpatrick, Academic Programme Manager, The Institute of Clinical Research


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