An Introduction to Clinical Trials and Clinical Trial Practice is the ICR’s flagship training course for those new to clinical research whatever the role. This highly practical course discusses all the essentials of clinical research in drug development and summarises the ethical and regulatory requirements for clinical trials.

18th June to 20th June
10th September to 12th September
3rd December to 5th December

This practical course defines the role of the clinical research monitor and explains the interaction with others in key roles as part of the clinical trial process as well as exploring the more complex aspects of clinical trial monitoring. Guidance will be given on best practices for selecting investigators, conducting monitoring visits and safety reporting.

12th June
4th September
20th November

In this highly practical course we look at the root cause of typical inspection findings and work with delegates to develop personal corrective and preventative action plans. Through case studies, we will address challenging monitoring situations and develop strategies for investigator selection, fraud detection, improving patient recruitment and for motivating investigator sites. Delegates will explore how both technology and legislation will impact the role of the monitor.

28th May to 29th May
17th September to 18th September
10th December to 11th December

This course provides an in-depth look at the regulatory systems currently in operation in the EU and their impact, together with UK legislation, on the conduct of clinical research. Starting with a refresher on the history of medicinal product regulations and the need for ethics, the course explains in more detail the practical applications of GCP and outlines recent major developments in GCP.

17 July
16th October

Welcome to the GCP Refresh course! In the ever-evolving landscape of clinical research, staying updated is not just a mark of excellence but a legal imperative. This course is specifically tailored for clinical researchers who, having already been trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), understand the importance of continual learning.

7th May
3rd September
17th December

Clinical Trial Administrators are at the heart of any project team and play an essential role in the clinical trial process. This course gives an in-depth look into some of the aspects of clinical trials. It aims to give an understanding of the history and evolution of clinical research.

18 July
7th November

The MHRA states that “the trial master file (TMF) is the collection of essential documents which allows the conduct of a clinical trial to be reconstructed and evaluated. It is basically the story of how the trial was conducted and managed”.

12th September
12th December

This practical course provides delegates with an introduction to the basic project management techniques and skills that are required to fulfil the role of a clinical project manager. Learning is through a combination of lectures, discussion groups, workshops and exercises, including a workshop to demonstrate your learning of managing situations that arise in the everyday role.

30th April to 2nd May
23rd July to 25th July
8th October to 10th October

Vendor Oversight is currently a hot topic as sponsors and vendors aim to get to grips with what is really required.  You don’t want to outsource and then expend multiple resources to manage and oversee your trial.  As a vendor you want to get on with the outsourced clinical trial in the most effective way feasible without micromanagement from your sponsor company.

8th May
10th December

Are you a clinical researcher who has to review and approve data management plans, but find yourself struggling to know what you should be looking for?  Do you have to select a Data Management vendor but don’t know how to evaluate their capabilities?

16th July
5th November

Statistics is the art and science of summarising data.  Statistics play an essential role in all stages of clinical research from design through to analysis and interpretation.

3rd July
13th November

Approximately 1.5 million different medical devices are available globally; with thousands of new and innovative medical devices being introduced to the market every year. While there is legislation at the national and regional level ISO 14155 provides a global standard for clinical investigations on human subjects.

27th June
26th September
19th December

Over the years, the Institute of Clinical Research (The ICR) has held many different Forums and Special Interest Groups. Forums consist of talks from a number of experts and are open to all whereas Special Interest groups consist of a number of clinical researchers getting together to discuss specific topics and are limited to members

19th April
22nd November (Date TBC) ONLINE FORUM