The Chairman's Forum

The Chairman's Forums is a new type of ICR event, enabling us to use the Forum and Workshop formats to address topical issues that do not fall entirely within the scope of our existing Forum areas. These are often areas that are developing quickly, or arise at the interfaces between more established roles or disciplines. Each Forum brings together speakers who are in touch with the day to changes that occur . Each Forum follows roughly the same format a mixture of Presentations, workshops, open & facilitated discussions - A light Lunch , Tea/Coffee and of course the opportunity to network with like minded people who share your interests.

Over the Last 18 months the Chairman's Forums have covered such diverse topics as

Essential  Study Start Up (I), The Art & Science of Feasibility , Patient Recruitment Management , Clinical Trial Supply Logistics    

Essential Study Start Up (II) Conducting the Orchestra, Regulatory Considerations to optimise Study Start up, Partnering with your QA department The Art of Happiness, Utilising the Networks to optimise your study start up

Essential Study Start (III) Clinical Trial in a non commercial setting , The HRA Protocol Template, Agile & Risk Management and their place in Start Up's. Using Big Data in study design

Essential Study Start Up (iv)  Awaiting date for 2017

Risk Based Monitoring (I) The Monitors Perspective of Risk Based Monitoring , Cancer Research UK Experience , Tools for Risk Based Monitoring  

Risk Based Monitoring (II) An Inspectors View of Risk Based Monitoring, The industry Viewpoint  , Sponsor & Provider perception of Risk based Monitoring

Inspection Readiness (I) Data Integrity , Pharmacovigilance Hot Topics , Don't forget oversight, Trial Masterfiles , record keeping and Inspections

Outsourcing & Partnerships (I) Introduction to outsourcing - Working effectively with procurement Specialists for clinical teams , Is Clinical Procurement putting the cart before the horse , Metrics and Partnership Governance , working with CRO's   

Metrics (I) Presenting and Visualising , Quality Metrics - Use & Pitfalls , NIHR Metrics and the Clinical Networks , Can you use Metrics in a Non Commercial Study ?, Watching the right metrics ; a cautionary tale  

New For 2017 - Booking now open

New Year Resolutions & Critical Updates

  • The impact of Brexit - Just what effect will Brexit have on the industry as a whole


  • The EU Clinical Trial Regulations - E6 R2 , are you and your organisation ready? How will affect you and your team?


  • Implementing GCP Updates - Dr Alison Messom discuses how to implement the changes


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