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Working in partnership with Clinical Cube Ltd, the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) has developed CC//Trial Locator.

CC//Trial Locator is a tool that helps members with very quick feasibility questions, helping members quickly identify where different types of clinical trials are being conducted, facilitating trial placement and also assessment of competing trials.  Since this gives you answers within minutes, this can provide a starting point for more comprehensive feasibility. 
The application has been designed specifically for our membership and is available to all members of the ICR without charge. There is a secure registration process that you will need to use when you first use the application. Please note that you need to set your own user name and password for the application - this is separate from your ICR membership login details.

CC//Trial Locator enables our members to:

  • Quickly identify past and current study activity
  • Better inform protocol design
  • Enable precise feasibility reporting
  • Recruit in under-trialed regions
  • Maximise enrolment & retention strategies