• By ICR Secretariat
  • Posted Thursday, October 13, 2022

'The Top Line': Will Eisai's Alzheimer's med lecanemab sway the CMS, how Pfizer is upping its DTC ad push for its COVID shots


Eisai and Biogen's Alzheimer’s disease drug lecanemab did surprisingly well in a phase 3 trial. The results support the idea that an anti-amyloid drug like lecanemab could be a way to treat Alzheimer’s—a hypothesis that has been under fire since Biogen's debacle with its approved anti-amyloid med, Aduhelm. And, while lecanemab's approvability isn't being debated—unlike the case with Aduhelm after its phase 3 program read out—commercial reimbursement could still be a challenge for the Eisai drug.