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  • Posted Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Insurance in Clinical Trials

Insurance in Clinical Trials

Janice Hedgecock

“For people that deal with international clinical trial insurances on a regular basis, this book is extremely valuable.” Joost Schuil, Aon Risk Management

 Organising insurance for clinical trials can be difficult area to find information in and confidence is needed when talking about and arranging insurance. This monograph provides information on trial insurance: ethical and regulatory requirements, indemnity, how to arrange insurance and dealing with claims. Also provided are lists of global regulatory requirements for clinical trial insurance, an outline of a clinical trials insure form, a table to help project insurance needs and a table of information of what is required of a professional Indemnity Insurance Application.

Janice is a clinical research consultant with over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. She has been involved in arranging clinical trial insurances and professional indemnity insurance in 14 European countries. She is actively involved with The Institute of Clinical Research as a Steering Committee member of the GCP Forum and is on the Editorial Board for CRfocus.

Published 2006.


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