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  • Posted Thursday, June 22, 2017

The ICR Guide to Freelancing (4th Edition)

Working on freelance basis is becoming increasingly common in clinical research and guides such as this one will help you answer common questions and help you make an informed decision about your future. The guide will help you answer such questions as

What opportunities are available?

What are the risks and benefits of being a freelancer?

How to set up a business.


This edition of the popular Freelancing Guide has been re-written  and improved. The guide is full of Practical hints and ideas for those considering a career as a freelancer. 

Published 2013.


About the Authors

Helen Glenny  (PhD, Hon FICR , Csci ) (www.glennyclinicalresearch.co.uk) started her career as a CRA in a Human Pharmacology Unit and subsequently worked for the major pharmaceutical companies before going Freelance in 1992. Helen has continued working on a sole trader basis relishing the flexibility , challenges and independence of being a freelance.   

Alan Esler Smith (BSc , FCA) (www.allenesllersmith.com) gained 15 years experience working in top accounting practices and in financial services before setting up his own accountancy practice specialising in helping small business start up and thrive . Allan also runs a training company and has presented hundreds of seminars on setting up in business .

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