Face to Face Training

The Institute is proud of it's extensive training offerings. They have been developed over the last 25 years and draw on the combined knowledge of our Trainers and feedback from previous delegates . Each year we review every course and it's contents to ensure the veracity and accuracy of the courses content . To help you in your search for the right course we have broken down our offerings into 4 groups

Clinical Research Regulation


F49 Essentials of Essential Document Management (Managing the TMF )- 1st November 2017


F41 Aim High ; Getting more out of  quality management and audits & Inspections- 26th September 2017

F34 The Function, importance and writing of SOP's- 18th July 2017


F28 Impact of the EU Regulation (536/2014)- 4th July 2017


F53 GCP For Experts- 15th November 2017 (Advanced)


Clinical Research Practice

Skill Level ; Introduction

F40 Introduction to Clinical Trials and Clinical Trials practice  (Q1)- 19th - 21st September 2017

F32 Clinical Research for Non Clinical Researchers- 4th July 2017 

Skill Level ; Foundation

F44 Clinical Investigations for Medical Devices- 4th October 2017

F36 Non Interventional Clinical Trials- 5th September 2017

F30 Essentials of Clinical Trial Monitoring- 13th June 2017

F37 The Proactive Clinical Researcher -6th September 2017

Skill Level ; Advanced

F45 Advanced Monitoring- 17th - 18th October 2017


Clinical Trial Management

F24 How to develop and manage outsourced Clinical Trials- 27th - 28th June 2017

F46 Effective Project Management- 10th - 12th October 2017

F42 Skills & Competencies of a Clinical Trial Manager- 27th  - 28th September 2017

F38 Vendor Oversight in Clinical Trials- 12th September 2017

F57 Process Thinking in Clinical Trials- 29th November 2017

Core skills

F54 Introduction to line management- 5th December 2017