The Institute of Clinical Research (The ICR) defines Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as: A structured approach to maintaining, improving and broadening professional knowledge and personal qualities that enable clinical researchers to advance their professional development and to fulfil their professional, technical and ethical responsibilities throughout their working life”.

Professional and Fellow members of The ICR have undertaken a professional and ethical obligation to remain up to date with best practice standards in clinical research, and The ICR has developed tools to assist our members achieve this.

Do I have to use The ICR’s CPD forms?

You have already made a start with CPD if you are using any of the following: training records, a learning log, appraisal system, or a personal development plan. CPD can be recorded in any format.

The ICR CPD forms can be used as a template. However, if you are using a record that works for you then there is no need to change.

We provide free templates for our members to use to demonstrate their continuing development. You can find them in our CPD Downloads.

The ICR may conduct a random audit of Professional members each year, to ensure CPD requirements are being met. Fellows are required to provide us with evidence of CPD each year.

Audit Scheme

CPD is about reflecting on the learning that you already do on a day-to-day basis. Clinical Research Professionals can demonstrate, and receive recognition for, their experience and level of expertise by applying for successively higher levels of membership with The ICR. Part of this process involves providing us with documented evidence of your continuing professional development.