Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

About Us

The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) is the probably the oldest independent membership-led professional body for global clinical researchers.  

For over 40 years, The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) has provided high quality training, networking and support to the clinical research community.  For many Members the Institute has been part of their life throughout their working careers, many have been with the Institute since its first incarnation as the ACRPI.

It is the membership that makes the Institute.

How does it all work ?

The Institute of Clinical Research is you, the Membership governed by the Articles of Memorandum drawn up by the founding members.

The Board is made up of members who give their time freely to guide the future direction of the ICR.

The ICR Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Institute, its primary focus is to ensure that the wishes of the Board and Membership are carried out and to see to the day to day tasks that any membership organisation generates.


Our Mission

The ICR exists to support our members through all stages of their careers. We do this, in part, by:

  • Defining and refining standards for our profession
  • Providing a forum for discussion of key issues impacting clinical research
  • Promoting good relations with other healthcare related groups 
  • Providing opportunities for learning and development to enhance professional competence 
  • Enhancing public confidence and understanding of clinical research


Current News

Report finds almost 100% of people tested positive for antibodies after second vaccine dose

By ICR Secretariat / 21/07/2021 03:29 PM

A new report from Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI has shown that almost 100% of people tested positive for antibodies 14 days after their secon…

Biohaven CEO on migraine drug's fast launch, TikTok ads and battling big pharma

By ICR Secretariat / 21/07/2021 03:28 PM

Migraine sufferers in the U.S. found some relief over the past few years as a handful of new treatments came to market. The additions include a group …

‘Most comprehensive’ flu vaccination programme in UK history launching for winter 2021

By ICR Secretariat / 21/07/2021 03:26 PM

The government has announced that it will launch the ‘most comprehensive’ flu vaccination programme in UK history for winter 2021.

Moving the vaccination needle: Study examines behavioral tactics that work—and don't

By ICR Secretariat / 15/07/2021 11:05 AM

One of the big questions today is how to get more people vaccinated. Should you offer free stuff? That works sometimes. Remind them that they’re good …

Study finds lower COVID-19 infection prevalence in fully vaccinated people

By ICR Secretariat / 15/07/2021 11:03 AM

The latest findings from Imperial College London’s REACT study show that rates of COVID-19 infection are three times lower in fully vaccinated people …

Pfizer plots course for COVID-19 booster, but the CDC isn't sure 'whether or when' follow-up shots will be needed

By ICR Secretariat / 15/07/2021 11:02 AM

Throughout the pandemic, mixed messaging has sometimes hindered the public's understanding of how best to respond. On boosters, that seems to be happe…

GSK returns to brain drugs with major biotech deal

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2021 10:56 AM

  • GlaxoSmithKline said Friday it will pay at least $700 million for rights to two experimental drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, a deal that could…

U.K. Supreme Court rejects NHS claim of €220M financial loss in Servier patent lawsuit

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2021 10:54 AM

In the culmination of a 10-year case, the U.K. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Servier Laboratories in its defense against England’s National Heal…

Roche partner sees promise for anti-COVID 19 pill in early study

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2021 10:53 AM

  • An experimental pill under development by Atea Pharmaceuticals and Roche helped curb viral loads in hospitalized patients with coronavirus infection…

AZ doses first participants with COVID-19 variant vaccine

By ICR Secretariat / 05/07/2021 11:00 AM

AstraZeneca (AZ) has announced that the first participants have been vaccinated as part of a Phase II/III trial testing a new COVID-19 variant vaccine…

Australia Covid: Outbreaks emerge across country in 'new phase' of pandemic

By ICR Secretariat / 05/07/2021 10:59 AM

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison has met national leaders for emergency talks on how to tackle a spike in Covid-19 infections.

Blood test can detect more than 50 types of cancer

By ICR Secretariat / 05/07/2021 10:57 AM

Researchers have developed a blood test able detect more than 50 types of cancer that is accurate enough to be used nationally as a multi-cancer scree…

Public Citizen calls for top FDA officials to resign following Alzheimer's drug approval

By ICR Secretariat / 28/06/2021 10:36 AM

The prominent consumer advocacy group Public Citizen is calling for the resignations of three top officials at the Food and Drug Administration, follo…

Pfizer's arthritis drug Xeljanz shows lifesaving benefits in hospitalized COVID-19 patients

By ICR Secretariat / 28/06/2021 10:35 AM

Pfizer’s BioNTech-partnered COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty may be getting all the attention these days, but the pharma giant’s anti-inflammatory drug Xelj…

Trial failure dashes Biogen hopes for next Alzheimer's drug

By ICR Secretariat / 28/06/2021 10:33 AM

  • An experimental Alzheimer's disease treatment developed by Biogen didn't slow patients' decline when compared to a placebo in a mid-stage study, lea…

Events and Courses

Introduction To Clinical Trials & Clinical Trials Practice K25

An Introduction to Clinical Trials and Clinical Trial Practice, the ICR’s flagship training course, is accredited by Cranfield University. This highly...

Effective Project Management for Clinical Trials (3 Days ) K26

This practical course provides delegates with basic project management techniques that can be applied to clinical trial project management. Learning i...

ICH E8 (R1) and the Importance of Risk and Process Thinking in Clinical Trials K27

ICH E8 (R1)  has been adopted since 2020. Are you ready to focus on...

Clinical Investigations for Medical Devices - Foundation K34

In this one day course we explore clinical investigations for medical devices.  We will review the latest legislation and its impact on determini...

GCP for Experts K23

This course provides an in-depth look at the regulatory systems currently in operation in the EU and their impact, together with UK legislation, ...

Essentials of Clinical Trial Monitoring K30

This practical course defines the role of the clinical research monitor and explains the interaction with others in key roles as part of the clinical ...

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