Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

About Us

The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) is the probably the oldest independent membership-led professional body for global clinical researchers.  

For over 40 years, The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) has provided high quality training, networking and support to the clinical research community.  For many Members the Institute has been part of their life throughout their working careers, many have been with the Institute since its first incarnation as the ACRPI.

It is the membership that makes the Institute.

How does it all work ?

The Institute of Clinical Research is you, the Membership governed by the Articles of Memorandum drawn up by the founding members.

The Board is made up of members who give their time freely to guide the future direction of the ICR.

The ICR Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Institute, its primary focus is to ensure that the wishes of the Board and Membership are carried out and to see to the day to day tasks that any membership organisation generates.


Our Mission

The ICR exists to support our members through all stages of their careers. We do this, in part, by:

  • Defining and refining standards for our profession
  • Providing a forum for discussion of key issues impacting clinical research
  • Promoting good relations with other healthcare related groups 
  • Providing opportunities for learning and development to enhance professional competence 
  • Enhancing public confidence and understanding of clinical research


Current News

Project Management Forum - FULLY BOOKED

By ICR Secretariat / 18/07/2019 10:13 AM

THIS FORUM IS NOW FULLY BOOKED - Please contact the office on 01628 501 700 if you would like to be placed on the waiting list

The annual Project Mana…

Are sugary drinks causing cancer?

By ICR Secretariat / 16/07/2019 10:51 AM

Sugary drinks - including fruit juice and fizzy pop - may increase the risk of cancer, French scientists say.

The link was suggested by a study, publi…

Trump orders overhaul of kidney disease payments and treatment

By ICR Secretariat / 16/07/2019 10:50 AM

The Trump administration has put forward an executive order designed to incentivize at-home kidney dialysis, potentially affecting tens of thousands o…

NIHR to invest £135m to tackle system challenges

By ICR Secretariat / 16/07/2019 10:49 AM

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is set to invest £135 million in 15 new NIHR Applied Research Collaborations (ARCs).

The plan will j…

German court blocks sale of Sanofi, Regeneron cholesterol drug

By ICR Secretariat / 16/07/2019 10:38 AM

Amgen plans to enforce a court-granted injunction prohibiting sales in Germany of Sanofi and Regeneron's cholesterol drug Praluent, which competes wit…

Vaginal bacteria linked to ovarian cancer

By ICR Secretariat / 16/07/2019 10:35 AM

Having too few "friendly" vaginal bacteria may increase a woman's chance of ovarian cancer, and swabs can be used to spot this, say researchers.

The t…

Oxford Health to use Oxehealth technology to transform night observations

By ICR Secretariat / 09/07/2019 03:25 PM

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has introduced a new observation protocol for checking the safety of patients with severe mental health conditions …

Pfizer muscular dystrophy gene therapy stumbles on safety

By ICR Secretariat / 09/07/2019 03:25 PM

Pfizer's Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene therapy improved physical function in two patients measured one year after treatment, but also led to one pa…

NICE OK for life-extending Vizimpro in lung cancer

By ICR Secretariat / 09/07/2019 03:24 PM

Pfizer’s Vizimpro (dacomitinib) has been recommended as a first-line treatment option for people with locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lu…

Pressing the pause button on CAR-T cells with Bristol-Myers' leukemia drug

By ICR Secretariat / 09/07/2019 03:24 PM

CAR-T cell therapies that transform a patient’s own immune cells into cancer-killing weapons have been hailed as breakthroughs for treating some blood…

NHS England scraps 7 more drugs on prescription

By ICR Secretariat / 09/07/2019 03:22 PM

NHS England has issued a new guidance scrapping seven medicines from its prescriptions list, estimating to save around £141 million a year.

AbbVie to buy Allergan in $63b mega-merger

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2019 02:25 PM

In one of the biggest healthcare mergers of this year, AbbVie has announced plans to buy Allergan, the company behind Botox.

FDA officials see 'missed opportunity' with patient outcomes in clinical trials

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2019 02:24 PM

SAN DIEGO — Drug regulators are beginning to look at more than primary endpoints when evaluating new products.

Particularly in the last few years, the…

New prostate cancer test could diagnose five years earlier

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2019 02:23 PM

Researchers at the University of East Anglia and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital have developed a urine test, dubbed 'PUR' (Prostate Urine…

New evidence of a link between Parkinson's disease and the gut could inspire treatments

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2019 02:22 PM

Mounting evidence is pointing to an association between the gut and Parkinson’s disease. New research coming out of Johns Hopkins University School of…

MHRA licenses two jet-lag treatments

By ICR Secretariat / 08/07/2019 02:21 PM

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has announced the licensing of two Melatonin products indicated forshort-term jet-lag t…

Risky Business Forum - Now Booking

By ICR Secretariat / 26/06/2019 03:00 PM

Risky Business Forum

Friday 20th September 2019, Gilead Sciences, Uxbridge

We are excited to announce that the ICR Risky Business Forum is open for bo…

A vision for medical affairs in 2025

By ICR Secretariat / 26/06/2019 12:04 PM

As innovation transforms the healthcare landscape, science and data are becoming the foundation for pharma to meet its obligations to patients and cus…

Use of FDA 1572 Forms in Spain

By ICR Secretariat / 26/06/2019 10:58 AM

The Spanish Competent Authority (AEMPS) has joined the position of the other European Agencies (Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland) by r…

Project Management Forum - Now Open for Booking

By ICR Secretariat / 25/06/2019 12:54 PM

The annual Project Management Forum will be held on Friday 11th October at Novo Nordisk. Content and speaker information to be released next month.


Burnout: tech is the cause and solution to this healthcare pandemic

By ICR Secretariat / 25/06/2019 12:52 PM

As revealed by the British Medical Association’s (BMA) recent report into the wellbeing of health and care professionals, being a doctor in 2019 isn’t…

Merck is on top. Investors worry there's only one way to go.

By ICR Secretariat / 25/06/2019 12:52 PM

NEW YORK — Merck & Co.'s investor day suggested it is a company on top.

Stage lights turned the tall, white walls of 583 Park Avenue a blueish gre…

NHS to fast-track ‘game changing’ cancer drugs

By ICR Secretariat / 25/06/2019 12:49 PM

The NHS has announced that it is preparing to fast-track ‘game changing’ cancer drugs that target genetic mutations, targeting tumours according to th…

Squeezing of blood vessels may contribute to cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s

By ICR Secretariat / 25/06/2019 12:45 PM

Capillary constriction caused by amyloid beta restricts cerebral blood flow in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease. Inhibiting the capillary constrict…

Long working hours 'linked to stroke risk'

By ICR Secretariat / 25/06/2019 12:44 PM

Working long hours is linked to an increased risk of stroke, researchers say.

Long hours were defined in the French study as more than 10 hours on at …

Clinical Allsorts Forum - Now Open For Booking

By ICR Secretariat / 20/06/2019 11:24 AM

Clinical Allsorts Forum

Friday 6th September 2019, Syneos Health, Farnborough

We are excited to announce that the ICR Clinical Allsorts Forum is open …

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