Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

Welcome to the Institute of Clinical Research

About Us

The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) is the probably the oldest independent membership-led professional body for global clinical researchers.  

For over 40 years, The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) has provided high quality training, networking and support to the clinical research community.  For many Members the Institute has been part of their life throughout their working careers, many have been with the Institute since its first incarnation as the ACRPI.

It is the membership that makes the Institute.

How does it all work ?

The Institute of Clinical Research is you, the Membership governed by the Articles of Memorandum drawn up by the founding members.

The Board is made up of members who give their time freely to guide the future direction of the ICR.

The ICR Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Institute, its primary focus is to ensure that the wishes of the Board and Membership are carried out and to see to the day to day tasks that any membership organisation generates.


Our Mission

The ICR exists to support our members through all stages of their careers. We do this, in part, by:

  • Defining and refining standards for our profession
  • Providing a forum for discussion of key issues impacting clinical research
  • Promoting good relations with other healthcare related groups 
  • Providing opportunities for learning and development to enhance professional competence 
  • Enhancing public confidence and understanding of clinical research


Current News

‘Groundbreaking’ new brain cancer treatment available

By ICR Secretariat / 22/05/2019 01:02 PM

A new treatment hailed as ‘groundbreaking’ has been rolled out across the country as part of the NHS' Long Term Plan, and could see as many as 2,000 p…

WHO Stresses Role of GMP in Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance

By ICR Secretariat / 22/05/2019 01:01 PM

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a draft document Wednesday on environmental aspects of good manufacturing practices (GMP) to aid inspectors…

Rise in bowel cancer numbers among young adults

By ICR Secretariat / 22/05/2019 01:00 PM

A new report in the BMJ has found increasing incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC) in young adults in Europe over the last 25 years.

The researchers re…

Brain changes in autism traced to specific cell types

By ICR Secretariat / 22/05/2019 01:00 PM

Studying brain tissue samples from people with ASD revealed a common set of alterations in genes associated with synaptic communication between neuron…

One whole-body MRI could replace multiple cancer scans

By ICR Secretariat / 22/05/2019 12:59 PM

The National Institute for Health Research has announced that doctors could potentially use just one scan to assess the spread of a patient’s cancer i…

NHS 'should not prescribe acne drug'

By ICR Secretariat / 22/05/2019 12:58 PM

The parents of young people who have killed themselves and patients unable to have sex are calling for the NHS to stop prescribing acne drug Roaccutan…

Presentations from Making Pharmaceuticals

By ICR Secretariat / 15/05/2019 05:19 PM

The slides from the speakers for the ICR presentations are now available. 

GP pressure: Numbers show first sustained drop for 50 years

By ICR Secretariat / 15/05/2019 02:37 PM

The NHS is seeing the first sustained fall in GP numbers in the UK for 50 years, the BBC can reveal.

An analysis by the Nuffield Trust think tank for …

£2m NHS investment into leadership development

By ICR Secretariat / 15/05/2019 02:36 PM

NHS England has funded a £2 million programme to help boost system-wide leadership development.

The programme is designed to help 23 areas kick-start …

Hormone 'can reduce some women's chances of miscarriage'

By ICR Secretariat / 15/05/2019 02:35 PM

Giving the hormone progesterone to women who have had a miscarriage and experience early bleeding in pregnancy could improve their chances of having b…

Here’s some advice for medtech startups: Don’t do your homework, CEOs say

By ICR Secretariat / 15/05/2019 02:35 PM

All startups face challenges. But sometimes, it may serve companies better in the long run if their founders don’t know just what those challenges wil…

Prostate cancer mutation found to triple risk of death

By ICR Secretariat / 15/05/2019 02:32 PM

The largest ever study of advanced prostate cancer genomics has revealed that men with mutations in the retinoblastoma gene in their tumours were more…

Life-saving kidney delivered by drone

By ICR Secretariat / 10/05/2019 12:25 PM

A donor kidney has been delivered to surgeons at a US hospital via drone, in the first flight of its kind.

Many see huge potential for unmanned aircra…

Successful digital health hub pilot shows promise as rolled out across England

By ICR Secretariat / 10/05/2019 12:25 PM

A new digital health hub piloted in Nailsea has proved to be such a success that the NHS is scaling it up across England, as demand increases from cou…

Events and Courses

Advanced Monitoring H13

In this highly practical course we look at the root cause of typical inspection findings and work with delegates to develop personal corrective a...

The Proactive Clinical Researcher H19

Do you want to work SMARTER not HARDER?  This course is focused on the needs of a clinical researcher and is a very practical course with exer...

Data Management for Clinical Researchers H20

Are you a clinical researcher who has to review and approve data management plans, but find yourself struggling to know what you should be looking ...

Statistics for Non-Statisticians H21

Statistics is the art and science of summarising data.  Statistics play an essential role in all stages of clinical research from design throu...

Introduction to Line Management H22

This course is an introduction to the knowledge, skills and competencies that a line manager requires for performance management in the clinical ...

Introduction to Pharmacology and Phase 1 Clinical Trials H23

The course will give an overview of clinical pharmacology, define phase 1 studies and describe how they fit into the clinical development programme...

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