Client-hosted Training

We can bring any of our courses to your offices.  These can be adapted to meet your precise needs and our practical exercises tailored to your requirements.  You have the convenience of picking the date and there is no travel time for your staff.  Distance is no object and we offer training in any part of the world. 

If you would like to find out more, please complete a training request form. 

Benefits of Client Hosted Training

The training is tailored to your needs - This can involve using your working practices, terminology, templates, and processes in the learning activities so that the delegates can readily relate theory with actual working practice in your company or institution.

This can also be a great team building experience and encourages cross team/department collaboration and sharing of expertise.


A Variety of Options

We can offer you a number of different options for Client hosted training. The first is if you like what you see on one of our ICR hosted training courses we can run it for you in-house with or without modifications.

Alternatively we can adapt our ICR hosted training courses to suit your particular business needs; perhaps mixing and matching between courses. The ICR has a wide portfolio of courses which can be called upon.  

A further option is that we can design something from new specifically for your business and the needs of your staff. This can involve a range of learning activities which may include some self-directed learning, short modules, workshops, case study analysis and so on. These activities can be blended and run over a period of time if that is what suits your business or organisation.


The Institute's Trainers

Our Training Consultants have many years training and development experience within clinical research. A key differentiator is that they are also current practicing clinical research professionals so they can bring up to date real life experience into the training room to really bring the material alive.

They can visit you and help you establish your organisation's training needs to maximise business or organisational performance. Using their in-depth knowledge and experience of management and technical issues within the clinical research environment they will design and deliver training modules or programmes designed to fit in with the busy work schedules of your staff.  


Post-Learning Follow-up

As part of our service we will follow-up with you to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning and to help you assess how your staff have been able to apply their new found knowledge and skills in the workplace.

We can also discuss options for next steps with you. This enables you to take a coherent and coordinated approach to the training and development of your staff.