Project Management Forum

The ICR Annual Project Management Forum took place on Friday 30th September at IQVIA, Reading.



The presentation slides are now available on request by emailing

Challenges of Managing Clinical Trials During a Conflict - Sally-Ann McDowell

Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials - Jade Borsberry

The CURED Framework - Roger Joby

Code of Practice

Understanding Project Management can be a nightmare! Exactly what is the role? Where does it start? Where does it stop? What does a project manager do and where does their authority start and finish? What makes a good Project Manager, and can we learn from outside the Industry? All these questions and so many more are covered by the Project Management Special Interest Group. 

Here are just a few of the other topics that have been covered over the last few years;

  • Stratified medicines - The Key Principles
  • Gene Therapy - Regulatory approach
  • Project Managing Complex Clinical Projects
  • The Pro's & Cons of Linking Clinical Plans and Development Plans
  • eTMF; a Blessing or a Curse?
  • Regulatory Authority Inspection Readiness
  • Managing Risks of Clinical Trials - A Novel Approach
  • Managing Effective Teams

If you would like to propose a new Forum focus, please contact the ICR using the details at the top of this page or email the Secretariat on